Wal Thornhill: Webb Space Telescope & Fundamental Change | Thunderbolts



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7 か月前
Wal Thornhill can rest in peace knowing he inspired so many to carry on his work.

7 か月前
To one of the smartest men on the planet and one of the finest gentlemen I ever had the pleasure of knowing thank you Wal Thornhill (Wallace William Thornhill) May 2nd 1942 Feb 7th 2023. I've been studying along with Wal over these past 25 years and have enjoyed every moment of it. He will be missed by all who enjoyed the way Wal made understanding just that much easier! Rest in peace old friend!

7 か月前
Rest in peace, you have changed my perception about the universe

7 か月前
I was just speaking with him a few months ago on LinkedIn. Very sad, what a brilliant, kind man. All he cared about was the true nature of the all. Rest in Peace good sir.

7 か月前
Rest in Peace Wallace Thornhill. He was a hero to me, along with all the other principal T-Bolts Project team. I wonder if there is any scientist/philosopher out there today who could ever come close to holding the torch Wal has held for some time now. My condolences to the Thornhill family, and to their friends, as well.

7 か月前
It is very rare to live in The Time of A Scientific Genius... but I think Wal Thornhill was one of them. It is very weird him being dead, it's like losing a member of the family. RIP Wal, you did good. :)

7 か月前
@Mike Philbin It is just like losing a member of my family. The moment heard I openly wept and am still quite saddened by his departure.

7 か月前
Wal Thornhill was a true scientist, i. e. natural philosopher. He did not hide behind mathematics but explained the connections, relations and reasons of the observations in the universe. May his work be continued. I only knew him from the Thunderbolts videos but he seemed to be a very nice, friendly and very authentic and honest man. I am sad that he is no longer with us. Rest in peace, Wal Thornhill.

7 か月前
A true giant on who's shoulders cosmologists of the future will stand when they rewrite the history and operating manual of our magnificent universe. Wal has taught me more in any one of his fabulous EU lectures about our solar system than I would listening a lifetime to quacks like Lawrence Krauss or Brian Greene. From the first time I saw a video with him, I think it was 'The lightning scarred Mars', I knew I had come across someone special, a man with an intellectual astuteness and integrity that is much too rare in scientific circles. Mr Thornhill, I thank you for having taken my understanding of the place we live in to the next level. The boundary rider you are, I have a feeling you are by now continuing your timeless voyage along the currents of our Electric Universe, on your way to another stunning planet.

7 か月前
May you Rest in Peace, Mr. Thornhill. I will miss your passionate discussions and papers on the electric universe theory.

7 か月前
As the video started I thought to myself, " I wish Wal was 30 years younger so we can hear his insight for longer because the last couple of videos he was in he looked off"
Then I read the first comment. Breaks my heart. We lost a Great Man.

7 か月前
Wal Thornhill is a man of great brilliance and courage. He will be missed. Few have the integrity and grit to go up against their "peers" in the religion of Science. He has inspired others to carry on in his footsteps and reveal the Truth no matter the slings and arrows of the mistaken "experts". RIP and Godspeed.

7 か月前
I once wrote to Wal and he actually replied. I first heard of testing the validity of a theory via successful predictions from him. I have applied it to other theories even outside cosmology. We lost a great mind.

7 か月前
When I heard the sad news it really hit me, I've followed Wal's work and Thunderbolts Project since the beginning just about and right from the first time I listened to Wal speak I was taken by the logic and common sense they portrayed in their work and that never changed. The study of the Electric Universe paradigm has gone from strength to strength and they've solidified themselves into this new Cosmology of the Electric Universe. A tip of the hat for Wal Thornhill.


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